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The Legal System in Malaysia and The Position of Islamic Law Conference

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   Prof. Dr. Farid Sufian bin Shuaib from International Islamic University Malaysia paid a visit to the Faculty of Law of Süleyman Demirel University between 2 and 3 October 2017. On the first day, the Guest Professor was guided by the colleagues from Süleyman Demirel University during a city tour taking place in Isparta.

 Within the scope of the programme, Prof. bin Shuaib held a conference on ‘’The Legal System in Malaysia and The Position of Islamic Law’’ besides the workshop organised on 2 October 2017, in which the academic personnel of the Faculty of Law attended. During the conference, Prof. bin Shuaib made a presentation about the legal system and courts structure in Malaysia. He talked about the differences on sharia and civil law. Then, Research Assistants from the Faculty of Law raised questions about the Islamic Law and practice to the guest professor.


  Afterwards, Prof. bin Shuaib shared some information about Malaysia in terms of historical, geographical, social and political developments. Prof. bin Shuaib made further mention of the judicial system in Malaysia. Having talked of the differences on sharia and civil law, academicians then exchanged ideas with one another. Subsequent to the workshop, Prof. bin Shuaib was joined at lunch by colleagues from Süleyman Demirel University.

  On 3rd October, the conference named ‘The Legal System and The Position of Islamic Law in Malaysia’ was held by Prof. Dr. Farid Sufian bin Shuaib to inform the students of Faculty of Law. In the beginning of the programme, the Dean of Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Haluk Songur made the opening speech. Following the opening speech, the résumé of Prof. Dr. Shuaib was introduced to the participating students.


  Throughout the event, he touched upon the population size and ethnic and religious composition besides the historical, social, geographical and political characteristics of Malaysia. In this context, the following matters were handled: The population of Malaysia, in which the Bumiputeras are ethnically predominant and the religious majority is comprised of Muslims, live under a Federation governed by an Islamic constitutional monarchy. Although the constitution declares Islam as the religion of Federation, it also grants freedom to profess and to practice religion for everyone. Apart from this, the ethnic and religious minorities are also represented equally at the federal state level in compliance with the pluralist legal system of Malaysia. Thus, the Federation provides equal laws for all groups in the society of Malaysia; the Islamic Law, the British Law (introduced through the invasion from 1786 to 1957) and the customary law (for natives who are non-Muslims) can be applicable by three different court system: The Civil Court System (Federal Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, Sessions Court, Magistrate Court), The Syariah Court System (Syariah Appeal Court, Syariah High Court, Syariah Subordinate Court) and The Native Court System (only in Sabah and Sarawak States). 

  In conclusion, the administration of Muslims takes place by means of the Council of Islamic Religion, Department of Religious Affairs, Department of Mufti, and Department of Syariah Judiciary. 

  Mutual wishes were expressed for the cooperation possibilities between International Islamic University and Süleyman Demirel University. 


 Uluslararası İslam Üniversitesi’nden Prof. Dr. Farid Sufian bin Shuaib, Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesine 2 ve 3 Ekim 2017 tarihlerinde BİR ziyaret gerçekleştirmiştir. Gerçekleştirilen bu ziyaret kapsamında, ‘‘Malezya’da Hukuk Eğitimi ve İslam Hukukunun Konumu’’ konulu bir konferans vermiştir. Konferansta Malezya’nın hukuk sistemi ve mahkeme düzenleri konularını ele almıştır.

 Konferansa katılan Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi akademisyenleri ve öğrencilerin  İslam hukukunun uygulanmasına ilişkin Yöneltiği sorular Prof. Dr. Farid Sufian bin Shuaib tarafından cevaplandırılmıştır. Konferans SDÜ Hukuk Fakültesi Dekanı Prof. Dr. Haluk Songur Tarafından Prof. Dr. Farid Sufian bin Shuaib'e hediye takdimi ile sona ermiştir.