Mission and Vision


Our Mission

Believing in the rule of law and making efforts for the realization of the rule of law; have the legal knowledge, equipment and infrastructure to express themself and the values it defends on every platform; with the education they have received, they have advanced judgment ability and analysis ability; is to train legal practitioners who have adopted social development as a principle based on social justice.


Our Vision

Having national and international qualifications; providing effective and efficient education and training opportunities; have a high-level working environment and an understanding that gives importance to research; established its corporate culture on the principles of transparency, effectiveness, efficiency and accountability; it is an education and research institution that trains legal practitioners not only for institutions and organizations at the national level, but also for international institutions, as well as training qualified faculty members who are recognized with their academic studies and educational qualifications in the national and international arena; is to become a faculty with a strong academic tradition in its region and country level, not limited to its surroundings.