About Faculty

       Süleyman Demirel University Faculty of Law was established on August 8, 2008. The education has been continued in the new and modern building since 2013.

       Faculty of Law, one of the new faculties of our university aims to educate the lawyers who advocate universal legal values depending of vision of our university and Turkish higher education system with the young and dynamic education staff. Thus, Law instructors are intending to provide the graduates equipped with the high notion of law and consciousness of justice.

       Departments of the public law and private law has been established by the desicion of the Council of Higher Education which relates to law faculties. Although departments were established as public law and private law for the academic structure, there is no distinction of departments for undergraduates. Law students take these certain lessons belong to both departments below the table in:


Departments of Public Law                                                   Departments of Private Law


Constitutional Law Department                                           Civil Law Department


General Public Law Department                                          Labour and Social Security Law D.


Philosophy and Sociology of Law Department                    Civil Procedural  Law, Execution and

                                                                                            Bankuptcy Law Department


Administrative Law Department                                           Private International Law Department


Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law                         Commercial Law Department



Public International Law Department


Financial Law Department


Legal History Department